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The best revenge against aging?

Look fabulous.

Born from a vision to redefine the beauty industry, Angel is where stars are born – one transformation at a time.

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Our purpose extends far beyond conventional beauty ideals. We are here to help you look better, feel better and live better.

Combining body engineering,
medical knowledge & technology
to reflect a better you

Beauty is an ongoing journey, one that demands continual effort and a holistic perspective. And hence, we unite the power of body engineering, medical know-how and modern technology to ensure a comprehensive approach that delivers real results.

This fusion is not just about quick fixes. It's about sustainable transformation, empowering you to look and feel your best self in the long run.

Every step you take towards self-betterment compounds over time, enriching your life in ways that money cannot measure.

Dr. Pornima sitting on the stool who is an aesthetic medicine practitioner.
Dr. Pornima Mhatray,

Dr. Pornima Mhatray is a seasoned expert in cosmetology. With her wealth of experience, every treatment is meticulously crafted to merge medical precision with aesthetic enhancement. She believes investing in self gives the highest returns.

led by technology

We're not just about treatments, we're about transformation. Our arsenal of cutting-edge technology, from advanced machinery to groundbreaking R&D, is poised at the frontier of beauty and wellness. Every innovation, every breakthrough, is aimed at redefining possibilities and delivering results that go beyond expectations.

With a fusion of technology, artistry and medical expertise; we're here to revolutionize your journey towards a better you.